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Ah yes, another photography blog you say. Why? First of all, I’m a photographer. I specialize in landscape, architecture, and travel photography using a unique technique called High Dynamic Range. And secondly, I recently moved from the States to a small village in England called West Row. From here I’m able to travel the whole of Europe, while my husband flies for the Air Force. It’s the biggest, most life-changing move of my life, and I think it’s worth documenting through stories and pictures. Hence, this site.

But this site isn’t just about me. My purpose for this site is threefold:

  • Share my photographic adventures through daily words and photos
  • Cultivate a community of photography lovers by promoting other talented artists
  • Educate aspiring photographers through daily tips and tutorial (coming soon!)

I’m a girl with a camera who loves making pretty things. And this is my story.

Photograph: Stonehenge at Sunset, Nov. 2011.

We were incredibly fortunate to get this shot. People pay the big bucks to go on “sunset tours” of Stonehenge in the summer, but since it was November, the sun set within operating hours of the park. But clear days are a rarity this time of year. It was cloudy for most of the day, but cleared up just in time. It was definitely one of those “oh my goodness the sun is perfect and now I’m going to panic until I get a shot” moment. Ever had one of those? My back was facing the sun a few minutes prior to this shot, and I turned around and saw the clouds and started running. My heart was pounding because I knew I would lose the light fast. I’m sure all the tourists thought I was mad running around Stonehenge with a giant tripod. Thanks again to my handy assistant (my husband) who helped me find the right spot and set up my gear.

An absolute perfect moment I will never forget.