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Castle Rising: Of Ghosts and Mad Men

I met a truly eccentric yet nice man who is the grounds keeper for Castle Rising near King’s Lynn. He had wild white hair, closely resembling the Doc from Back to the Future, wore a giant bronze key around his neck and talked to ghosts in his spare time. He told me stories of his encounters over the last 10 years, and all the footage and proof he’s assembled. “I talk to dead people” he says. “I have since I was a small child”. After giving me his own private tour of the castle, he showed me the tallest tower, which is normally locked up, and let me retire the castle flag for the evening. And as we were leaving, he bolted the doors, placed his hand gently on the wooden frame and whispered “goodnight”. He turned to me and said “just tucking them in for the night”. And that was that.‬