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Featured Photographer: David Shield

David Shield hails from Roseville, California where he specializes in stunning landscape photography.

“A New Day” by David Shield

What equipment do you use? Nikon D700 and Nikon D7000 / Nikon lenses plus one Tokina lens / Manfrotto Tripod / Giottos Ballhead / Cable Release / Singh-Ray ND Grads with Cokin Holder

What is your favorite image and why? Truthfully, it is hard to choose a favorite image, because I always like to think that my favorite image is yet to be capture. I like my image entitled “A New Day” simply because I enjoy the scene so much, and have also been very pleased with the many positive comments I have received about it.

What is one piece of advice you would tell an aspiring landscape photographer? First and foremost; learn how to operate your equipment! For Landscape Photographers; do not underestimate the importance of first scouting the area you plan to shoot. Knowing the exact spot you need to be and when, will give you a better chance of capturing the moment you envisioned.

Thanks David!

You can find more of David’s work on Google+ and Flickr.  Be sure to check him out!