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Old Boston and the Stump

A few weeks ago, I was excited to visit York so I could say I had visited old York before New York. And now I continue the trend with Boston. I have never been to Boston, Massachusetts (I’m a west coast girl), but like many towns in New England, Boston has its naming roots in old England. Boston, Massachusetts began life as the Massachusetts Bay Colony (Company) in 1629. Its first Governor was John Winthrop, who shortly after his arrival in America in 1630 suggested that the capital of the colony be named after their hometown back in England. He was a part of a fleet of Puritans – about 1000 – that came over from Lincolnshire to escape religious and political persecution.

Old Boston’s most notable landmark is St Botolph’s Church (pictured here), which is famous for it’s extraordinarily tall tower, known as the Boston Stump. Work on the church begun in 1309 – old Boston really is old! And quite charming.