HDR Tutorial Part 3 @ Meleah Reardon Photography

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Before getting started, make sure your camera is set to take photos in RAW format, rather than JPEG.

Step 1: Set up your camera in Aperture Priority mode. Aperture Priority mode is the most effective shooting mode when shooting HDR bracketed images. Aperture priority ensures the depth of field (DoF) remains consistent with each exposure of the same scene. Differing depths of fields between exposures will result in a blurry HDR image.

Step 2: Turn on autobracketing. HDR photography requires 3 or more exposures of the same scene, but manually bracketing and taking multiple shots is a tedious job. Thankfully, most digital SLR cameras have an autobracketing feature. Using this setting, we can take three shots automatically when we press the shutter release button once. Your camera will take one measured exposure, a second at a negative exposure, and a third at a positive exposure. Many camera with autobracketing features will allow a maximum of 3 exposures. If this is the case, set it up as -2, 0 , +2.  For most scenes, this range is sufficient.

And there you have it! Multiple exposures. Now we can start processing the images to create an HDR photo.

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  • Sheena

    Thanks for this Meleah! I have been tinkering around with this for the last few days, I had no idea how to do this on my camera and would not have tried if the software was not available on a trial basis.

    October 2, 2012

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