Bavaria: The Land of Good Beer @ Meleah Reardon Photography

Bavaria: The Land of Good Beer

I will admit, Germany was never high on my travel list. I knew I wanted to go – heck, I want to go everywhere – but nothing about it seemed to draw me towards it. But by pure luck, I got stuck in Germany last fall during a Space-A flight back to the states. To pass the time away, I rented a car and traveled around the local area. Heidelberg was my main destination. It was love at first sight – I loved the gorgeous rolling hills covered in pine, the delicious food and very friendly people. Not to mention the castles, history and beautiful architecture! My time in Germany was short, but at this point I knew I needed to go back with Luke.

So in July of this year, we set off for the southern region of Germany, Bavaria.

Highlights from Bavaria

The ski-resort town of Garmisch is a popular destination with Americans. The US Military Resort Edelweiss is located here, and is a short distance to Munich, making it an ideal place to base yourself. We didn’t stay at the resort, but opted for a smaller hotel near town center. We only stayed one night in Garmisch, but the highlight from here was definitely Partnach Gorge – a very narrow, deep gorge that has been cut by a mountain stream. As a girl from the most beautiful area of the world (The Pacific Northwest), I’m hard to impress when it comes to natural beauty. But Partnach took my breath away.


Next up was a quick visit to Munich, considered by many to be the “Beer Capital of the World”. A city rich in culture, history and delicious food, Munich makes itself a city hard to leave. Maybe we will go back someday? The beer in this photo was not for me. But I can proudly say that Luke drank a full liter in one sitting.

 The view from the top of St. Peter’s

How can one visit the Bavarian Alps without a visit to Neuschwanstein Castle? Yes, it is the number #1 most visited tourist attraction in Europe, but as I mentioned in my previous post, sometimes the popular ones are popular for good reason. Such is the case with Neuschwanstein, a castle straight from a fairytale, perched perfectly in the mountains. I was obsessed with getting the “right angle” on this castle, which proved to be much more difficult than I imagined. Luke and I must have hiked over 8 miles through unmarked territory, trespassing a few times, to get this shot:

And that concludes our time in southern Germany! Next on the list for later this month … Poland.

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