What to do when I’m bored on a Saturday night in England? @ Meleah Reardon Photography

What to do when I’m bored on a Saturday night in England?

Visit a beautiful cathedral, of course! Hubby and I had spent most of our Saturday chilling on the couch watching TV, when I suddenly got the “photo bug”. It’s that feeling I get sometimes when I really want to take a picture. So we decided to spend the evening in nearby Peterborough. Best part? They light up the cathedral at night. I didn’t know this, and was pleasantly surprised upon arrival.












About the Picture: Night shots like this can be tough, especially when the artificial light illuminating the subject is not even. I took 5 exposures, and processed in photomatix as usual. But the sky is a single, long-exposure shot masked in photoshop. Otherwise, the sky would be quite grainy.

About the Place: Peterborough Cathedral began as an abbey, established at Peterborough in 655 AD. It has been a site of Christian worship for almost 1350 years. The first abbey was largely destroyed by Viking raiders in 870. In the mid 10th century a Benedictine Abbey was created from what remained of the earlier abbey, with a larger church and more extensive buildings. Only a small section of the foundations of the Saxon church remain beneath the south transept but there are several significant artifacts including Saxon carvings from the earlier building. A new church, the present building, was begun in 1118 and finally consecrated in 1238.

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